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machupicchu by bikingperutrek

machupicchu  by  bikingperutrek

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Bikingperutrek tours originated in 2001 by simple means, but with a clear vision to provide professional and expert services in adventure activities and Adventure Tours in Cusco. Since then our company has grown rapidly with astonishing results. We credit our success and customer satisfaction to the high standards set in staff performance and reliability. Adventure Tours Cusco and Tours in Cusco Peru it is our specialty.

Bikingperutrek, we dedicate all of our efforts to provide you with everything needed to have an enjoyable and stress-free adventure. With our tours we help the local people through job employment and benefits and take great care of the surrounding natural environment.

We offer:
Mountain Biking (1d,2d,3d,4d to more)
Inca trail
Lares trek
River Rafting
Jungla trisp
Motor Biking
And many other adventures

In order to make the most of your travels; we have a complete infrastructure to meet your demands. For your convenience, our locations: an office calle plateros 399.

Americo Jimenez, proprietor, general manager and founder of bikingperutrek, has been active in the tourism and adventure industry since his early teenage years. His training and expertise includes mountain biking, hiking, and motor biking.

Excellent Guides

The most important factor for a successful, enjoyable and educational adventure is the expertise of the guide. At bikingperutrek, the technical skills of our guides have been the hallmark of our companys reputation. In addition to their skills, our friendly guides enjoy learning about visitors from around the world. They are well equipped and trained to transform a friendly, enthusiastic traveller, like you, into a skilled adventurer.

Also we helped poor people giving feeding and clothes in the poor communities but of cusco and we lodged to tourists with little economy who travel to machupicchu


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